Q? Do you do free quotes and site visits?

A. We are more than happy to arrange for a FREE site visit followed with a quotation and pictures.

Q? Does the work come with a guarantee?

A. All work and materials done by Access Height will come with a warranty. The length of times depends on the depth of the work.

Q? Do you take photos?

A. Unless other wise agreed. The team will always take photos of work before and after it is carried out.

Q? Do we need to be at the property to give you access?

A. It is not a priority that somebody will need to be on site, however it may help with identifying the cause so it would be preferred if someone is in fact available.

Q? When is the earliest you can come?

A. Our team is well positioned across London. Please give us a call on 0207 099 7871 and we will be able to book in a consultant to come and review your property.

Q? Do you use Scaffolding?

A. No, our company specialise in the use of access machinery, saving a huge cost on scaffolding.

Q? Does the price include VAT?

A. Prices are always quoted before VAT.