Time, traffic fumes and the effects of weather can all take a heavy toll on the exterior of your building, leaving the facade looking grimy, stained, old and drab. Not only that, but the build-up of acids or other deposits over the years can also start to cause damage to the surface of the building, leading to serious problems if left unchecked. Cleaning a tall building presents a real challenge and if your building in London happens to be more than several storeys high, or even taller, getting access to the exterior calls for expert help – this is where we come in!

Specialists in carrying out building wash downs, we have the equipment, expertise, and the experienced jet wash teams to restore your building to its former glory. We have our own fleet of modern, mobile access height equipment which we operate from street level to wash down very large and tall buildings, efficiently removing years of built up grime and dirt. Working quickly and safely, while aiming to cause the minimum of disruption or mess, when we’re done, you’ll have a beautifully clean building exterior to be proud of. We’re confident you’ll love the result, and we’re sure you’ll like our competitive rates as well.

All of our staff are fully trained and certified to carry out this specialist work. To find out more about our building wash down service in London, or for a free, no obligation quote, please call us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Our Advantages


Just make one quick phone call to 0208 367 5555 and we will pop straight over to your home or work place to give you a free, no obligation consultation and quote.


As we own all our own Access Height equipment, there is no need for scaffolding. This means we can work quickly and efficiently and get your work done with minimum fuss and disruption.


With a reputation for great customer service from our fully certified staff, you can relax safe in the knowledge that your roofing problems are resolved.