Installing signs in hard-to-reach places

Rooftop signs are a fantastic way to promote your business: they make your premises more visible, which makes your business easier to spot and more memorable. They also act as a form of advertising for your business. After all, a really good sign can tell prospective customers a lot about your brand and convince them to check out your business more closely. However, installing signage high up on a building can be tricky and expensive, which may deter you from utilising this unique and powerful form of branding. Luckily, we at Access Height Maintenance can help you install signage in high places without overspending.

You may associate us with roof repairs, gutter maintenance and building washdowns. In fact, we hope that you do because we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver these services in an affordable and high-quality manner! However, we can also handle sign installations at height. If you want to add a sign to your building’s roof (or high up on one of its outer walls),


New rules for the roofing industry

New standards are coming in to force for new build roofs and the government is attempting to tackle a huge influx of fraudulent foreign imported parts that don’t comply with the new BS553:2014 legislation.

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government James Wharton MP recently raised the issue and asked how the local authorities intend to enforce the regulations when it comes to the 300,000 new build homes that will be constructed in the near future. British suppliers that comply with the regulations face a tough battle with cheaper grey imports from overseas, but the new standards are there for a reason and using cheaper materials that skirt the certification process could inevitably have consequences later on.

Christian Brash makes battens for the roofing industry and has highlighted the need for quality materials. “James Wharton MP has sent out a clear message to the housebuilding industry and its supply chain about the importance of building regulations and the role of building control bodies in enforcing the new rules,” said a spokesman.


Servicing the London skyline without scaffolding

At Access Height London, we understand that the city around us presents real challenges for homeowners and businesses alike. Simple jobs that could take minutes, such as window washing and gutter maintenance, can become a major job that takes weeks to finish safely. Roof repairs can become big construction tasks with lengthy risk assessments and complex needs, and even a simple chimney check could be a big job with a hefty price tag. That is because most buildings in the city are exceptionally tall, and accessing them safely becomes difficult.

The most common solution is to call out a scaffolding team, who can create a structure around the site and allow access for maintenance. Even a little task can therefore become costly and cause a lot of disruption to your building. The scaffold itself needs to be hired, and you also need a team of specialist contractors who are trained in installing it. The scaffold will need to be tested to make sure it is safe,


Maintaining your chimney throughout the winter months


Now the excitement of Christmas is over, what do you do with those long winter days that seems to stretch on ahead forever? Many people turn to the delights of a real fire to banish those winter blues, but sadly far too many people skimp on the maintenance of their chimney, which can have disastrous consequences. Over 7,000 chimney fires occur each year in England, most of which would have been preventable with some care and attention. Before each winter, you should arrange for your chimney to be thoroughly swept and also have a survey carried out from time to time to check its structural condition and whether any remedial works are necessary.

What do you do if you discover that work is going to be needed? The idea of having construction work done at height is always daunting, with thoughts of scaffolding and the expense and hanging around that that generally incurs – and everyone has a friend with a horror story that they will be only too happy to tell you!


Protecting your roof from the winter weather

We are starting to see the weather take a turn for the worse as winter sets in. The UK has been hit by heavy storms this week, which are set to continue as the month progresses. High winds and excessive rainfall can play havoc with roofs and gutter systems, and without proper care and maintenance you could see long lasting damage set in. Blocked and broken gutters can cause rainwater to build up and seep into your masonry, which could cost thousands of pounds to repair if left untreated. Broken roof tiles and damaged felting can also leave buildings without their vital weatherproof outer layer.

Many roof repair jobs are relatively simple at first, but left untreated water, wind and ice can do much more serious damage. If a roof becomes neglected, it is at risk from weather hazards during the winter. Leaks, damp rot and even structural corrosion can start to occur,

Introducing our NEW London offices and depot.

With a strong portfolio and an established work ethic across the North West of England, Access Height Maintenance is now delighted to announce the introduction of our NEW London offices and website.

Located at our:
London Depot
26 + 28 Burleigh Road

Access Height Maintenance – London now offers everything that you would expect from a highly skilled and professional Access Height and Roof repair and survey specialist.

With our very own range of Access Height equipment we are delighted to offer our services now across London.

To book a free site visit and quotation for your roof, feel free to get in touch either by email or call 0208 367 5555.

Fully qualified when it matters most.

Did you know Most of our roofers are GRP qualified and certificated after going on Glasplies CureIt course last month.

This means that they can actually now Guarantee that their own GRP flat roofs can last for 20 years.
If you have an old weathered flat roof, why not ask us for a free quotation for a new GRP one?